Catholic Charities - Dental Clinics

Catholic Charities - Dental Clinics

The need for preventive, quality dental care in Washington, DC's Hispanic community is pervasive and largely unmet. At the Spanish Catholic Center, we operate two clinics that serve uninsured patients, providing preventive and acute dental services with the help of staff dentists, hygienists and pro bono volunteers.

Physical Health

8:30 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday;
Emergency Hours
Daily at 8:30 am


We provide preventive, diagnostic, emergency and restorative oral health care to adults and children who are uninsured. Our dental services are available by appointment, though a limited number of emergencies are accepted.
Our preventive and restorative services include:
Oral Exams
Root Canal Treatments
Partial Dentures
Our clinic is open to all those in need, regardless of race, age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, residence or belief. Patients must be 18 or older, or accompanied by a legal guardian. We work with low-income, uninsured families. For Maryland patients, service upon referral only.

Contact Information

(202) 939-2400


924 G St NW




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