Covenant House

Covenant House

Covenant House Washington is the largest provider serving homeless and disconnected young people in the Greater Washington region. With particular expertise in helping some of the most struggling youth grow into independent, successful and productive adults, Covenant House Washington plays a special role in changing the lives of young people in need.




Our services include the following:
A 36 bed emergency housing facility for homeless youth ages 18-24;
Street and community outreach;
Transitional and supportive living apartments for youth ages 18-24;
Workforce development training and job placement for youth ages 18-24;
GED and Adult Basic Education classes for youth ages 18-24;
A prevention services program for middle school youth;
Case management and childcare for the infants and toddlers of our parenting youth.
Covenant House Washington’s programs are designed to assist young people in creating positive changes in their lives so that they may transition into adulthood successfully.
Covenant House Washington’s vision is three-fold:
To protect young people from the streets and from dangerous living situations;
To enhance their lives through substantial services and support so that they may transition to adulthood successfully;
To advocate with them and on their behalf, when necessary, so that future generations of children, teenagers and young adults do not face the same crippling challenges as today’s struggling young people face.

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(202) 610-9600


2001 Mississippi Ave SE




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