Andromeda Transcultural Health

Andromeda Transcultural Health

Andromeda’s mission is to provide access to quality healthcare under the premise that all humans are inherently of equal worth but have cultural and linguistic differences that must be considered. This philosophy reflects a high level of community health care that has been validated by over three decades of direct service to minorities and underserved populations.
Primary Care
HIV Services
PrEP Program for HIV Prevention
Mental Health Services
Clinical Pharmacy Services
Substance Use Services
Case Management Services
Health Promotion and Nutrition
Medical Assistant Training Program

Physical Health

Mon–Fri: 9AM–5PM
Sat: By appointment only
Sun: Closed


Primary Care, HIV Services, PrEP Program for HIV Prevention, Mental Health Services, Clinical Pharmacy Services, Substance Use Services, Case Management Services, Health Promotion and Nutrition, Medical Assistant Training Program

Contact Information

(202) 291-4707


1400 Decatur St NW




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